Product outline

CMT Japan is an exclusive agent of Accurus scientific Co.,Ltd. for Japan market. Since early 2000, Accurus had launched the solder sphere business and continue expanding business along moving to SMT package like FBGA, PBG etc. In the past, they made Sn-Pb type solder sphere, however, recently Pb free solder sphere like Sn-3AG-0.5Cu, Sn-4AG-0.5Cu are more than 99% dominated and then supplied to Semiconductor many OEM, OSAT at world wide. In addition, corresponding to advanced smartphone, the smaller & thinner semiconductor device is required with higher reliability.  Also for automotive use, more severe reliability is required than normal consumer equipment . In such a case, advanced solder composition is developed to meet the customer requirement. As well as cost reduction, we  are working a new customer requirement quickly .