X-eye 5100 Series are high-performance X-ray Inspection systems for general non-destructive testing and failure analysis. With 100kV micro-focus closed tube & High Resolution Flat Panel Detector equipped, X-eye 5100 / 3100 Series provide high quality X-ray image at high magnification. With programmable multi-axis control, X-eye 5100 series can inspect the object at any magnification with the ease of use. With Auto Teaching, the system can be used as a semi-automatic inspection system. X-eye 5100 series come with user-friendly operating environment. Various measuring and annotation tools are included.


  • SMT Assemblies Inspection
    • BGA Void, Open, Missing, Bridging
    • General Solder Joint Inspection
  • Semiconductor
    • Wire Bonding Inspection, Epoxy Voids
    • LED
  • Electronic Components
    • Connector, Camera Module
    • Internal Stucture, Hidden Component
  • Storage Battery Inspection
  • Plastic Components