Advanced adhesive & encapsulations

Product outline

LLCTM and Access Materials Technologies is a company that sells, provides and distributes critical Specialty materials (adhesives, sealants, thermal interface) into the electronics, semiconductor, optical, and aerospace industries.

Our main focus is to understand customer (users) technical requirements and match them with appropriate companies or resources that can provide a solution.

Therefore, we are Access (provide access) Materials (what we are expert at) Technologies (technical solutions)


Aerospace and Aviation

  • MRO supply- Best in class global supplier of Adhesives, Encapsulants and Sealants
  • Aerospace OEM Technology- Expert resources and companies to help solve mission-critical challenges
  • Quality- World class quality system-exceeding requirements of ISO and AS standards, with special attention to documentation

Electronics and Optical

  • Extensive portfolio of specified brands and technologies, including Epoxy, Urethanes, an Silicones
  • Custom formulating to solve problems quickly and cost effectively
  • Quality- ISO9001:2008
  • Custom Packaging and Dispense Technologies
  • Many non standard configurations available to help optimize your process
  • Custom labeling also available

Collaborating with AMT

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